Monday, June 2, 2014

Viewpoints Industry TV – How Entrepreneurs Can Manage Workloads

New business owners and small business owners are often bogged down with work and self imposed deadlines. Viewpoints Industry TV offers ideas about how entrepreneurs can manage heavy workloads.

There are some days when it seems like the work on the desk will never get done no matter how long we work. But there are ways to make it more manageable without going crazy or missing important deadlines.

Prioritize tasks on the list. Assign them a number from one to five. Start working on the ones and then move to the twos. Move the others up at a later time when there is from free space.

Move deadlines. Unless there is a die-hard deadline to meet, move some of them out. Identify the most urgent ones and what’s needed to meet it, calendar it and then move down the list.

Delegate. There are tasks on the to-do list which others can easily handle and get done. Outsource those to people you know can get the job done.

The Viewpoints Industry TV show suggests taking two marathon work days to get the most urgent tasks completed. This may mean no phone calls, no replying to non-related emails, no visitors. Power through these two days deftly crossing off items on the list. When done, take a breather. Go outside and enjoy an energetic walk. Then onward to the next items.

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