Friday, June 27, 2014

Viewpoints Industry Examines the Sometimes Scary Underworld of Valet Parking

Viewpoints Industry points out that there are two kinds of car owners:  those who will casually turn their vehicle over to a valet ... and those who will definitely not.  There are YouTube videos that depict what can happen after you give your car to a valet that will send shivers down your spine, even if you don't own a 6-figure automobile.  Stories of valets abusing customers' cars are legendary, inducing a high-speed chase through town between two cars pilfered from the valet parking lot.  Then there was the 5-day, 150-mile joyride in a car that had been parked at the airport while the owner was out of the country.

Viewpoints Industry looks at a few good reasons to avoid using valet parking.

The Viewpoints Industry TV show has heard that the valet industry is prone to just plain bad driving which results in accidents.  One valet at the Vancouver airport jumped the curb and drove through a plate-glass window, down the hall and up to the Delta desk.  A valet in Boca Raton drove forward into another car and then shifted into reverse, backing through a second-floor retaining wall and sending the car down to the street below.  While these incidents are, of course, in the minority and there are too many surveillance monitors and automobile tracking devices for valets to dare to indulge in these pranks on purpose ... it is still advisable for car owners, on receiving their car back from the care of a valet service, to walk around and inspect it for any damage before departing.

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