Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Viewpoints Industry and Why Hackers Want Your Numbers

(Your IP address can be hidden with browsers and software to hide it)

There are eight numbers we all have that hackers can’t wait to get their hands on. This is why it is imperative to be sure these numbers are safe and secure. Viewpoints Industry reviews which numbers they are and how to protect them.

Your phone number. A recent check online for my name yielded my cell phone number. This is why it is essential to unlist a cell or landline number from any directory, resume service or anyplace else that asks for it. Also, be careful when adding a phone number to social media sites which request it for verification. Is it really necessary when an email address works as well?

Dates and zip codes. Do you really want your birth date, children’s birth dates, Social Security Number, zip code, street address listed on the Internet?  These are also numbers that fraudsters want to get their hands on, and can, through the open cracks and seams online. Always go with the theory “less is more”. The less personal information provided the more protected your identity is.

PIN codes. It’s better to use a credit card inside stores and gas stations or at the gas tank since skimmers can easily grab your PIN code. The same suggestion applies to using the card inside where a camera could be hidden and record as you enter your code. This recently happened to a friend when the notified her that there was a breach.

IP address. While it can be somewhat easy for hackers to find it, there are ways to protect it. Unplug your wireless router, wait ten minutes and plug it back in. Your IP address changes every time you do that. There are also browsers which can hide the IP address. Find, download, install and use one.

Viewpoints Industry TV pinpoints these other numbers which can wreck personal financial data and your life: drivers license number, passport ID number, and health insurance policy numbers. Always monitor all financial, credit and health statements to be sure it is accurate. Report any discrepancies. Ask credit card companies and banks if they offer any ID theft products and take advantage of them. It pays to be vigilant when it comes to your personal and financial life.

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