Monday, June 9, 2014

Viewpoints Industry TV on Where Women Entrepreneurs Thrive

Female entrepreneurs can be found across the world. But in some in countries, they are more prevalent and more likely to be successful. Viewpoints Industry shares where these business women live and run a business.

The United States is the top country for women business leaders. An annual report from the Gender-GEDI ranking, as commissioned by Dell, found that women aren’t just opening up a new business but are adding jobs, exporting out of the country and looking to expand the business they have. This is for the top five countries where women entrepreneurs are: the United States, Australia, Sweden, Germany, France and Chile (Germany and France tied). Rounding out the top ten are the United Kingdom, Poland, Spain and Mexico. The countries ranked specifics such as access to capital, business risk, legal rights and access to education for women and rate of female startup activity.

ViewpointsIndustry TV learns that even though the U.S. came in first, only 37% of its entrepreneurs are female. Start-up funding is still difficult to obtain also. The study surveyed 30 countries of which 75% failed to meet the basic recommendations for women to excel in business. The world has come a long way but it seems it still has a long way to go before more women open and run their own businesses. 

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