Friday, June 6, 2014

Viewpoint Industry Shares the Best Career and Life Advice for Grads

An copy of the best graduation speech was printed in the national newspaper over Memorial Day weekend from Admiral William  McRaven. It reminded us of the small things we can do every day to be successful no matter what career choices we make. Viewpoints Industry shares some of the points he made.

  1. Always make your bed in the morning. This is the first, small task to complete that will propel you to complete all the tasks on your list.
  2. Choose the right people to help you. By now, most grads know who is in their corner and who is not. Keep those who are supportive and helpful close and keep distance from those who seem to put you down or find some glee in your failures.
  3. Attitude makes the difference. We didn’t say ego, we said attitude. A positive attitude is infectious and can be clearly seen by those who meet with you. The one thing that matters more than anything else is a good attitude.
  4. Keep moving forward even when you get knocked down, laid off, or rejected. There are many times in life when we get bumped off course and soundly flattened on the ground. Make the choice to get back up, dust off and keep moving forward. Those who can rebound from failure of any kind are the ones most likely to succeed in whatever they do.
  5. Face adversaries straight on and don’t back down. Foes can be bosses, co-workers and even friends. Take them face on. Be calm. Remind what you are made of.
ViewpointsIndustry TV encourages readers to find and read the full text of Admiral McRaven’s graduation speech to students at the University of Texas-Austin. Everything he said resonates in today’s business environment and life in general.  

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