Thursday, June 12, 2014

Viewpoints Industry Reviews How to Choose the Best Luggage

Summer is here and we are amped up to hit the road or the skies. Viewpoints Industry shares tips on how to choose the best luggage for your needs.

The little signs that it’s time to replace a suitcase are now flashing like road hazards signs: the handle is coming loose, wheels are falling off, or the fabric is ripping. Why do we dread shopping for new luggage? Perhaps because there is so much to choose from in a variety of price ranges. But it’s not really that hard to find the right piece of luggage. Just keep these points in mind:

What do you need it for? Business or pleasure or both? How much do you usually pack for a four day trip or a two week trip?

Will an overhead bag fit into the airline’s overhead bin? Does it meet the airlines’ size and weight restrictions? Can you life it over your head to place in the overhead bin?

Does a two-wheeled bag move more easily than one with four wheels?
How much interior room does it have?
Is the exterior fabric waterproof and rip proof?
Where do you want to buy your new luggage – in a local store or online?

Viewpoints Industry TV likes to buy new luggage locally because it allows us to test it in the store for both ease in movement, and to see if it’s easy to lift. When buying online, read about 10 reviews for a few items you like before purchasing. Remember to look for a lifetime warranty on luggage pieces if you travel a lot. Choosing the best luggage for your needs does not have to be a chore. Have fun with it.

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