Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Viewpoints Industry on Simple Steps to Protecting Your Privacy

(sign out on social media and other online accounts every time)

It seems like nothing is safe from possible hack attacks these days. Everything from smart phones to brand-name store customer databases are being broken into with personal info stolen. Below are some simple steps to take to protecting your privacy.

Password protect everything you can from smart phones to online accounts. Create strong passwords using a varied number of small and capital letters, numbers and symbols. Viewpoints Industry TV cautions readers to not use the same user name and password on all accounts.

Protect your good name. Add a Google Alert for your name and keep tabs on it. Do a search first to find out what variation of your name is most common on Google. It takes very little time to set up an alert and may prevent someone finding something not too flattering about you before you find it.

Sign out of every account you sign on to on the Internet. This is one of the most easily forgotten things to do. Sign out of social media sites, online financial accounts, email accounts and online retailer accounts. By doing this, you are reducing the opportunity someone else has of gaining personal information about you. And it is imperative to sign out when on a shared computer or a public computer.

Viewpoints Industry also suggests not giving personal information to anyone who asks such as department stores and medical offices. Keep your phone number, SSN, birth date and email private. Because you just don’t know what the person who took it, or overheard you give it, is going to do with it.

Protecting your privacy is essential in today’s digital and electronic world where the most cunning can get and use data that can harm you later. It’s simple and takes very little time to closing and locking the door on data theft.

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