Monday, June 16, 2014

How the Older Generations are Finding a Job from Viewpoints Industry

It is hard for everyone from age 21 and up to find and land a new job these days. Yet, it seems harder for the older generations to gain employment. Viewpoints Industry reviews the different tactics the older generation can try to find a job.

It is hard to sit across from a job recruiter who is in their 20s or 30s when you are 40 plus years old. Every smirk, half smile and comment seems to say “too old for the job”. But there are ways to nip those perceived prejudices in the bud:

Get on LinkedIn and juice up your profile. Choose a great headshot of yourself. Review all the job entries you made on it and tighten then up. Add volunteer work and any projects which were successful. Search for companies you’d like to work for an follow any news they update. Ask questions. Be active and alert.

Improve skills or add new ones by taking free and low-cost online courses in your field. There are a plethora of great educational opportunities available. Take time and research them. Ask friends, mentors, former co-workers for recommendations. Add them to your resume. It shows that you have not been sitting around waiting for a job to land in your lap.

Your image matters. Viewpoints Industry TV learns that a positive attitude and a clean and put together appearance speaks volumes about how well a recruiter thinks you can handle the advertised job. Be a can-do applicant. Don’t snub your nose at a lower salary. Negotiate for more days off, flex time or work from home days. Finally, be willing to accept a temp or contract job until something more permanent becomes available. It helps pay the bills and helps keep skills fresh. Take charge of your job search with these tips and maybe, something good will come from it.

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