Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Viewpoints Industry on How to Get What You Pay For

(The number of baby diapers per package is reduced but price stays the same)

Consumers should be aware that some food and product manufacturers are reducing the size, pieces or ounces in packaging and still charging the same price. Viewpoints Industry offers some samples and a few tips about how to get your money’s worth at the grocery store.

The next time you go to the store to stock up, check the item’s package to see if its size was reduced. Chances are it has. A consumer reporter found that the price of a popular juice box maker reduced the number of ounces in the box but still charged the same price as before. The reporter also found that a favorite brand of packaged cookies also reduced the number of items in the package and still charged the same price. The same also applies to a maker of baby diapers. While this may seem unfair to the average consumer, it seems to be occurring more frequently.

Viewpoints Industry TV encourages readers to check the price per ounce on the package. As food and other costs rise, manufacturers are passing them on to the consumer through price hikes and reduction in product size and quantity. And while it may seem like there is nothing a grocery shopper can do about it, we can buy products which have not been altered. If one must buy their favorite brand and the price per ounce is less, write to the manufacturer and lodge a complaint. We always want to be sure we get what we pay for.

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