Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Viewpoints Industry Asks: Are Americans Getting Smarter?

Viewpoints Industry has found that according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more Americans have completed their education goals than at any other time since the Bureau started keeping statistics in 1948.  Back then, the percentage of people in the workforce who had not graduated high school was 76% ... now that figure is down to 12%.  Also in that timeframe, the number of Americans who are armed with a bachelor's degree has increased seven fold, to 32%.  This begs the question:  if we're all smarter and so well matriculated, then why are so many of us still looking for jobs?

Viewpoints Industry reports that more of us have been awarded with sheepskin than ever before.

The Viewpoints Industry TV show notes that the numbers of young people who are having trouble finding a job is setting off alarm bells.  However, these figures usually include those as young as 16, and therefore, considering the rising percentage of students staying in high school until graduation and then going on to pursue a post-secondary education, this most likely explains why fewer of them are actually on a career path at this moment in their lives.  Also, statistics show that young people have traditionally registered high in the population of the unemployed.  All this might be likely to change, however, as in this post-recession era when the economy is still struggling to show it is recovering, there may end up being more opportunities for younger workers.  The reasons are simply that they are cheaper than seasoned, experienced labor, and as they are unfamiliar with the working world, they will usually do anything asked of them, no matter how unreasonable.

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