Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Viewpoints Industry Looks For the Benefits of Government Lotteries

Viewpoints Industry notes that gambling is illegal ... unless the government does it, or sanctions it.  There are many people who feel that government-sponsored lotteries are an unfair extra "tax" on the poor that, in part, help subsidize rich municipalities.  New figures are in that can substantiate that claim.  Those living in affluent communities are quick to decry gambling as an evil thing, yet well-to-do municipalities often reap more money from lotto earnings than do their more needy counterparts.  Often seen as a last resort for those stuck in low socio-economic circumstances, lotteries get most of their revenue from the already repressed and downtrodden.  The affluent have other ways of making their living open to them, where the poor don't see many other avenues available to them.

Viewpoints Industry has learned that the revenues from government-sponsored lotteries don't get distributed the way you may think.

The Viewpoints Industry TV show notes that, to some extent, government-sponsored lotteries began with relatively good intentions.  The advertising usually promises to direct the profits of lotteries into laudable endeavors like education.  But look around at the schools within a state that supports a lottery and you may well ask:  where has all that money gone to?  The official line is that the money goes into "general accounting", which means it can be diverted to anywhere that elected officials wish.  To some decision makers, this feels like free money, but they need to stop and realize that this money comes at a much greater cost than they imagine.

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