Friday, May 30, 2014

Viewpoints Industry with Tips for Buying a Car

How many readers are driving an older car that will soon need to be replaced with a newer model? If that’s you, Viewpoints Industry has some tips that might make this nerve-wracking time a little easier.

While a new car lease might seem the way to go, consider buying a used car. Forget the old adage that you’re buying someone else’s problems. Most reputable previously-owned car dealers run their inventory through testing before certifying it and putting it on the lot. Also, used cars are made better than the newer models. (Think about all those GMC and Ford recalls in effect now.) And a used car costs less.

Think about your needs and what you liked about your old car. Do you like the idea of a sedan with a trunk or do you like a little sporty vehicle with very little storage space? Do you use your car to commute to work or do you intend to take longer road trips in it? These are personal preferences that no salesman can talk you out of.

ViewpointsIndustry TV suggests to visit your bank or credit union first to see if you can get a car loan. Then when you walk into the dealership or a car lot, you have some room to negotiate. And do negotiate. Never accept the first offer. Always stay true to what your budget allows and don’t let the salesperson sway you into a deal you cannot afford. Good luck!

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