Thursday, May 22, 2014

Viewpoints Industry Warns of Yet Another Threat to Online Security

Viewpoints Industry reports that even as individuals find it a tedious nuisance to remember countless passwords in order to function in today's economy, now we're being warned to change them frequently.  Since the dawn of online security, we've been admonished that our passwords should be random, not recognizable words, be different for every application and not be written down anywhere.  Since we are asked to set a password for virtually every activity we wish to perform, some feel that this is asking way too much of our limited mental faculties.  In recent weeks, it seems that the Internet is under attack as never before, and the targets seem to be your passwords.  And worst of all, we don't ever hear about it until after the fact.

Viewpoints Industry is watching the security of the internet collapse under the attack of hackers.

The Viewpoints Industry TV show has discovered that yet another online stalwart has had its security compromised.  This is following in the footsteps of Target and several other retailers -- most of whom the media has refused to identify -- and the wide-sweeping Heartbleed attacks that have shaken most of the internet to its very foundations.  Now, Ebay and its subsidiary, Paypal, have alerted customers to change their passwords after discovering a hacking invasion.  This latest development is critical because many people, regardless of whether they ever shop the online auction site Ebay, use its Paypal services to transfer funds.  So what is the safest solution for securing our money?  A big safe bolted to the basement floor?  Sadly, a few nefarious people may end up unraveling most of our beloved technology of the 21st Century and send us back to the days of keeping our money in the mattress.

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