Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Viewpoints Industry Alerts Municipalities to Check Their Assets for Unused Equipment

Viewpoints Industry has discovered that many cities, counties and even states, have accumulated massive amounts of equipment that has never been put to use.  Initially purchased with taxpayer funds, this equipment burns up even more money by occupying large warehouses or, even worse, rented storage spaces.  The County of Montgomery in Texas, home of City of Houston, recently discovered that an entire network of traffic cameras feed into a centralized nerve center that, once installed, had never been put to use.  Some 500 roadside cameras feed into the derelict control center as well as a nearby communication center that has been managing them up till now. 

Viewpoints Industry has found an entire road monitoring control room that has sat unused since it was built.

The Viewpoints Industry TV show suggests that there may be unused vehicles, plow attachments, video gear and special event equipment sitting in a warehouse somewhere in your community.  As for Montgomery County's virtually-abandoned system, officials are researching what it would take to get the now-obsolete technology working again.  Citizens had been promised the ability to monitor traffic on area thoroughfares from their own computers, a feature that never became a reality.  Local officials have been quoted as saying that this project "has been in process all along and it is taking longer than any of us would like."

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