Thursday, May 29, 2014

Viewpoints Industry Examines the Urge to Control

Viewpoints Industry notes that mankind is a very controlling creature, constantly trying to determine everything about our environment and our society, including nature itself.  Even the fact that we frequently are not successful in the attempt, we still default to the idea that we must try.  Our society tried to curb drinking with a decade-long experiment known as prohibition.  Human nature being what it is, however, alcohol was never out of reach of those who wanted it badly enough and who had the means to pay the price.  So a noble experiment was ruined by the lack of the very control we were trying to exercise.

Viewpoints Industry reminds us that when we try to control everything about our lives, it doesn't always work out the way we want it to.

The Viewpoints Industry TV show has learned that efforts to control the e-cigarette, or vape, industry are meeting with resistance.  While the beneficial effects of vapes on the part of those trying to quit a tobacco habit are still unproven, a number of prestigious researchers and health specialists from the World Health Organization have signed a petition to prevent the suppression of electronic cigarettes, which they see as being the best hope for breaking the addictive hold of tobacco.  The internet is another medium that has been under attack for some time on the part of closed regimes that want to prevent their citizens from having free access to information and alternative opinions.  The shock with the internet is that, early in its development, it was assumed that it would be impossible for anyone to control it.  Sadly, the service providers and physical servers all need to reside somewhere, and it is those parts of the web that are vulnerable to censorship.

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