Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Viewpoints Industry Warns That Your Own Phone May Be Tracking You

We at Viewpoints Industry love our technology as much as anyone else.  But what kind of device do you really have in your pocket?  Is it a benign friend or is it a spy keeping track of your every move.  With the aid of the GPS circuits in every smart phone, it may be keeping a log of everywhere you go, how long you spend there and the routes you take there and back.  For example, the I-Phone does this and most users have no idea this is even going on.  So what happens to that information?  Is it all being sent to Apple or the creator of your specific smart phone?  Apple claims it's not, but when the capability is built in and the whole thing is kept under wraps, who can you really trust?

Viewpoints Industry suggests you take a good look at your smart phone to see if it's keeping tabs on you and sharing that information with someone out there.

The Viewpoints Industry TV show regularly covers technology and its impact on our lives, but has there ever been a bigger impact made on our day-to-day living than that from the ubiquitous smart phone?  As for tracking personal data, whether on your smart phone or on your desktop computer, the manufacturer's excuse has always been that they do this for your own benefit, so they can offer you more tailored advertisements.  As if funneling customized advertisements at you is really what you ultimately want.  The tracking feature on the I-Phone can supposedly be turned off, but with the complexity of all this technology being far over the heads of the average user, do we ever really know if it has been disabled?

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