Thursday, May 29, 2014

Viewpoints Industry Reveals Why Corporate Volunteerism is Important

In 2015, the Millennial Generation will make up the bulk of the working population. While most people think this generation is all about themselves, many of them donate time and money to charitable organizations close to their hearts. If businesses want to hire these new workers, they must step up their corporate volunteerism practices. Viewpoints Industry explains.

Giving back to the community or world is a quality many workers have and some participate in. But when the company they work for joins the cause, the benefits are plentiful. Employees feel more loyal to their employers and will hesitate to jump ship. Employers gain a better standing in their communities and maybe even a boost in respectability. Lower employee turnover is another benefit for companies. Workers are more likely to stay with their job during downtimes, according to Katherine Smith, Executive Director of the Center for Corporate Citizenship at Boston College.

Viewpoints Industry TV gives employees two paid volunteer days off per year. The charitable groups which benefited from them ran the gamut from clean water initiatives to sending needed items to wounded service members in an overseas hospital. The staffers reported feeling great about their “give back time” and the producers gained added loyalty from those who took advantage of the volunteer program. Corporate volunteerism is important for many reasons: it allows employees to follow their hearts, employers benefit from loyal and more productive workers, and the organization receives needed man power or essential items. This is a win-win-win for all.

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