Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Viewpoints Industry Raises the Question: Is Privacy Extinct?

Viewpoints Industry is monitoring the ongoing legal battles between nations and companies in regards to hacking, invasion of privacy and industrial espionage.  The overall question is:  can there be a reasonable expectation of privacy or secrecy any more?  While the US is busy accusing Chinese officials of online invasions, the nation's own NSA is said to be potentially listening to every phone conversation, reading every text, tweet and e-mail and watching just about everything from the skies overhead.  In the reporting of crime, television news departments very often have the benefit of surveillance footage from any number of the millions of cameras now situated on private and civic property across the nation. 

Viewpoints Industry is watching the average American citizen ... and so is much of the country.

The Viewpoints Industry TV show acknowledges that it has been demonstrated that if you get in your car and drive across town, you will have been photographed countless times during that journey and that those images will live on some server for a very long time.  While in the event of a crime, it is good to have these pictures available, what is it doing to the psyche of the population at large?  There are many reasons other than the commission of a misdemeanor of some type that might have citizens wishing they were not being watched most of the time.  If technology allows us to track down any person at any time, is that really a desirable thing?  If words like "privacy" and "dignity" still hold any meaning, perhaps we can find a suitable compromise.  There are probably some intense legal entanglements lying ahead on this subject.

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