Sunday, August 24, 2014

Viewpoints Industry Asks: How Secure is Your Job ... Really?

Viewpoints Industry will look at the subtle signs that your job has lost its relevance and you may be in imminent peril of being let go.  If the number of projects on your plate is dwindling and you find you have to ask to be assigned new work, they may be weaning you off of your job responsibilities.  If your supervisor is avoiding talking with you that may be a significant indication that things are not well between you and your employers; if he or she is avoiding even making eye contact with you, you can probably count your remaining days without the aid of a calendar.  This fear can be compounded if you've recently been disciplined for some infraction.

Viewpoints Industry TV will search for subtle signs that you may be next on the chopping block.

The Viewpoints Industry TV show acknowledges that the fault does not always lie with the employee.  There can be forces at work over which you have no control whatsoever.  If a wave of automation is sweeping in, consider if your job can actually be done by some kind of computer program.  If your company has recently experienced a move to a new location, that can often be accompanied by some "cleaning house" in the personnel department.  If your company has been recently acquired in a merger or purchase, that is not good news, as the new owners will not have any memory of why you were hired in the first place, the heroic deeds you've done for the company since then, or all that you contribute to smooth operations on a day to day basis.  Of course, any time you are asked to draw up a job description of your own position, it's most likely time to pack up your things.

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