Thursday, August 14, 2014

Viewpoints Industry Shares How Kids can Balance School and Chores

Children grow up learning that they have to make their beds, put away their toys and belongings and keep their rooms clean. Others are given extra chores to do to earn a bigger allowance or some extra spending cash. These can be easy to manage during the summer. But what happens when school starts?

The school year is often filled with homework, sports, after school activities and friends. To be sure children know that their chores still have to be done, parents can start the fall semester with a family meeting to explain what’s expected when it comes to chores. Viewpoints Industry suggests a friendly meeting with snacks and creative, fun ways to choose who will do each chore.

Create variety with house choirs by rotating them among the kids. Write them all on separate pieces of paper and add a treat such as a free pass from chores. Fold and toss the paper into a bowl, box or hat and each child picks one out. To ease the pressure on children who have a lot of homework (as it seems they all do these days), all the tasks that need to be done can be weekly and not daily.

The start of school is a challenging change for everyone in the family. New schedules are created and altered as the semester runs its course. Viewpoints Industry TV believes that with a little help from everyone, including dad, no one will feel heat to get it all done.

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