Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Viewpoints Industry and Internet Speeds for the Country

Broadview Networks created a map of the United States which allegedly shows how fast the Internet is in each state. Viewpoints Industry shares that map and asks how fast is your Internet at home and work?

States in dark green are those with the highest speeds, such as Virginia. States in red are the slowest, such as Alaska. Delaware and Massachusetts tie for 2nd place for being fast. Rhode Island and the District of Columbia round out the top five states that have speedy net service. California came in 20th which is surprising since it is the home of Silicon Valley. Viewpoints Industry points out that it is not just the Internet speed that makes surfing the web easy. Fast downloads, movie viewing and game playing are far more enjoyable if the modem speed is fast, there is enough ram to enjoy those activities. Where you live also factors in to how fast the Internet will be. If you live in the city, it will be faster than living in the country. Look at the map to see how fast your state ranks on Internet speed. Then go online and find a service which can test your modem speed and streaming speed. Zippy web browsing is something everyone wants and not very often gets.

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