Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Viewpoints Industry and Why Americans Feel Poor

Anyone who follows the news knows the unemployment statistics seem to get better, but the jobs created and the wages that go with them are low. Viewpoints Industry investigates why Americans feel poor.

Working Americans find that their wages are stagnant but their costs keep rising which leaves them feeling poor. Getting ahead both financially and in a career seems nearly impossible. The American Dream has faded away a long time ago.

Those out of work may find that there is no middle ground for a decent paying job. There are low-paying jobs or those on the much higher end of the pay scale. According to the National Employment Law Project, there are now 2.3 million more low-paid workers than at the start of the recession, and 1.2 million less jobs in the mid and high range industries. The median hourly wages have declined across most income levels. The Viewpoints Industry TV show notes that while household expenses keep going up, wages are not moving thus leaving American to feel like they are only working to pay the bills.

There are ways the working American can feel a bit better about their financial situation. Saving for emergencies can be done with as little as $20.00 a month. Sure it takes longer. But it beats not having anything saved at all. Keep looking for a better paying job while working in the low-paying job. This alone can help one feel more empowered.

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