Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Viewpoints Industry – Best Things to Buy in August

August is the month when back to school deals are sweet. It is also the month when summer clothing and bathing suits and the like go on sale. Viewpoints Industry reveals the best things to buy in August and what to avoid.

Check state websites for the tax-free weekend on back to school supplies. Florida’s was last weekend. The tax-free weekend can save families a bundle on school stationary supplies, clothing, uniforms, laptops and more. The state website should have a list of what is tax-free during this time.

Summer essentials and outdoor items are on sale now. This means bathing suits, shorts, lightweight shirts, sandals, beach and pool toys, beach towels and more. Sign up for email alerts from favorite catalog companies and save even more. Stock up for the remainder of the summer and early fall when the weather is still warm.

Avoid big ticket home appliances like washing machines and dryers, holiday items, smart phones and tablets, and travel plans for the holiday season. Labor Day and Black Friday are creeping up quickly and this is usually the better time to get a good deal on large home needs. Viewpoints Industry suggests taking advantage of summer sales both in the store and online. Stash the money saved into a savings or retirement account and feel better knowing that you saved twice.

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