Monday, September 8, 2014

Viewpoints Industry Reflects on How to Run a Successful Business

Business owners who run successful companies may tell how they were able to overcome the obstacles to get where they are and stay there. Others will keep their secrets to themselves. But those who are most successful have specific mottos and methods of practicing business. Viewpoints Industry reflects on how to run a successful business.

Truett Cathy was the founder of the very successful Chick-fil-A fast food franchise. His method of running the restaurants was pretty simple: they are open for six days a week and closed on Sundays so workers can relax with their families. Every person brought one of these franchises knew this. Some protested saying they needed to be open Sunday in order to make a better profit. But Cathy believed and made it happen – the company as a whole made just as much money six days a week as its competitors made in seven days. According to the company’s website, by early 2013, annual sales topped $5 billion dollars. Viewpoints Industry TV learns that in a book about him, Cathy credits his business success to “setting priorities, being courteous, cautiously expanding a business and not being burdened with debt.” These are a few thoughts about how one very successful businessman made it before passing away in his early 90s. Ask others what makes them successful.

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