Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Viewpoints Industry Sheds Light on Auto Insurance Discounts

The cost of owning a car or other vehicle keeps rising every year. From gas to maintenance to safety, where can the consumer catch a break? Viewpoints Industry suggests looking for discounts that the auto insurer may not know about and are worth asking for when it is time to renew.

Instead of living with the rate the auto insurer gives, start asking for the discounts which might be available and check regularly to be sure they are being given. Many people choose the auto pay option when renewing insurance plans. But do a little research on available discounts first and then call the agent to get them.

Daytime running lights – Auto makers General Motors, Toyota , Volvo, Mercedes-Benz or Subaru already have this option on newer cars. If your car has daytime running lights, be sure to mention this to the agent before renewal to request this discount.

Alumni discount -- Almost half of the nation’s insurers offer some type of discount if you or a spouse belongs to an alumni association, fraternities, sororities, or professional organizations. If you belong to one or more, ask if a discount is offered.

Anti-theft devices, anti lock breaks, military service, safe driving record, kids of driving age with excellent grades – these are some of the other discounts one can take advantage of. Viewpoints Industry TV also knows that it pays to have a good credit score since that is the one item most likely to reduce the rate in the first place.

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