Friday, July 11, 2014

Viewpoints Industry Looks at the Imminent Demise of Red Light Cameras

Viewpoints Industry has heard for years that one should assume nothing.  But there are certain assumptions that come with an organized civilization, and without these assumptions, we would not be able to function.  Nowhere else is this as true as on the road.  A driver would be petrified to put pressure on the gas pedal if he or she couldn't assume that other drivers were going to go with the program and obey some very basic rules.  High on this list of rules is that a green light means go and a red light means stop.  But lately, we seem to have a class of individual who feels that red lights are for everyone else, but not for them.  Running red lights kills people; it's happened more times than anyone would care to count.  Enter the Red Light Camera, a device that is suppose to ensure prosecution of these red light runners.  At first, this was a good thing.  But greed soon took hold and many jurisdictions are now getting rid of these cameras.

Viewpoints Industry asks:  Ask not for whom the red light shines ... it shines for us all.

The Viewpoints Industry TV show believes that stopping the rampant violation of red lights is a noble pursuit.  But it didn't take long for municipalities to become intoxicated from all the revenue the cameras brought in, so they widened the scope to include any little infraction that a driver might make within view of the camera's lens.  Even the choice of intersections was a clue, as they seemed to be installed at the busiest corners, not necessarily the most dangerous ones.  The public soon responded to this fiscal abuse and decried red light cameras as being a greedy cash cow.  It will be unfortunate if, when the dust settles and most of these cameras have been removed, that more lives are lost due to those who will not obey a red traffic light.

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