Monday, July 7, 2014

Viewpoints Industry Offers Tips about Buying Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a good bet if you are traveling overseas or on a cruise. But who can determine if one needs it or not? You can. Viewpoints Industry offers some tips about buying travel insurance.

There are four basic types of travel insurance:  trip-cancellation, baggage loss or damage, emergency medical care and accidental death. Do you need all of them?

Review all of the credit card policies you have to see which ones already offer travel insurance and what they cover. This is the best place to start since many cards have some type of coverage. Once you know what you need, it’s time to do some homework.

Baggage loss or damage and trip-cancellation are the most common reasons people buy travel insurance. Cruises can be cancelled days before departure. Bags can be misrouted easily enough. Be sure before you leave your house that you have some backup reimbursement to cover both.

Check homeowner’s and renter’s insurance to see if those types of insurance will cover any valuables (jewelry or electronics) on the trip.

Viewpoints Industry also recommends checking any health policies to see if and what they cover when traveling – especially overseas.

Go online and read as many reviews for the travel insurance company as possible then pick the one you think is best.

Once this information is known and you know what you might need while away, buy a policy that covers what you need and has an easy to access phone number to call when needed. Enjoy your trip knowing that you’re covered for a just in case possibility.

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