Monday, July 28, 2014

A Viewpoints Industry Fist Pump for Healthier Ways to Greet Someone

The standard way we know to greet someone is to shake their hand. But there are several reasons why this normal business and personal greeting is no longer the healthiest way to say “nice to meet you”. Viewpoints Industry examines other ways to in which to show respect and be friendly.

Unknown to many people, a simple fist pump with another person spreads far less germs (one-twentieth) than a handshake. A high-five spreads half as many germs as a handshake. Hand shakes are a very common greeting in all facets of business and in nearly every part of the world. But it is also a very efficient way to spread germs. Health experts recommend washing your hands or using a sanitizer on hands after shaking someone else’s in a hospital, urgent care center, health clinic or with a food worker. A more sanitary way to greet someone might be to offer a small bow, or a smile. In the U.S., younger professionals might view the fist pump as a cool way to say “job well done” or “nice to meet you”.  Viewpoints Industry also knows that handshakes will always be the norm, and with a little good hygiene, can be less of a germy way to introduce oneself. 

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