Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Viewpoints Industry Explores the Phenomenon of Fame

Viewpoints Industry asks:  what is fame?  Plain and simple, it's when "everybody knows your name", to borrow a phrase from a famous television sitcom.  Fame holds no judgment.  People can be famous for being good, doing great deeds and generally being outstanding pillars of society.  People can also be famous, or infamous, for doing extraordinarily bad things.  The public, in its clamoring for fame or to be near someone who is famous, doesn't seem to care which.  Mass murderers sitting on death row receive fan mail and even marriage proposals.  We can get fiercely intoxicated by the idea of being the center of attention, or even being a few steps from that spotlight.

Viewpoints Industry takes a look at that strange drug called fame.

The Viewpoints Industry TV show notes that while fame can separate the few from the many, it can also be a great leveler in some unfortunate ways.  A magnificent Shakespearean-trained actor may possess equal notoriety with a crass, incompetent comedian.  Practitioners in every branch of the arts have seen grossly untalented people rise to great heights while masters of their craft waste away unheralded.  There are even those who are world renowned without having done a single noteworthy act.  They are said to be "famous for being famous".  Perhaps artist Andy Warhol had the ultimate solution when he predicted that eventually every one of us will be famous ... for 15 minutes.

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