Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Viewpoints Industry and Why Low Cost Airlines Have Fans No Matter What

Southwest Airlines is a favorite for many regional fliers as it usually offers low fares and great customer service. It seems, however, that even though those fares are rising, its fans are still buying tickets. Viewpoints Industry provides some background about why low cost airlines have fans no matter what.

Great customer service is always appreciated. From friendly reps on the phone to always positive flight attendants, Southwest can’t go wrong here. Jet Blue is another low cost airline which its customers love no matter what.  Both airlines fly specific routes and are easy to work with if a flight needs changing and bag checked. It is easy to see on their websites what the total cost of a fare will be including all ancillary fees. Other airlines offer rock bottom fares but charge for the things every passenger wants: overhead space, a bottle of water or a can of soda, a pillow and perhaps one checked bag.

Viewpoints Industry TV notes that many business travelers will take the same airline to and from their desired destination and earn rewards with frequent flier clubs. Some use the regional low cost carrier of their choice for weekly commutes. These airlines have mastered the art of customer service and have earned the loyalty of consumers. And this is why they rank at the top of best low cost airlines lists.

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