Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Viewpoints Industry TV on Why Procrastinating is Not Your Fault

Feel better, procrastinators. It is not your fault if you tend to keep putting things off. Viewpoints Industry TV shares some insight about why procrastinating is not your fault.

Blame it on your ancestors. The same genetic characteristics that lead to impulsivity are also linked to procrastination. Researchers at the University of ColoradoBoulder tested 181 sets of identical twins and 165 sets of fraternal twins. Based on the behavior of the twins, the scientists found that there is indeed a genetic link to procrastination. Our earliest ancestors often acted impulsively which seems to have led their relatives later to put off making rash decisions. Also, our lives now are more centered on making long-term goals which we can put off making for a while. The Viewpoints Industry TV show notices that there are some people who tend to procrastinate longer than others. While this can seem like the person is being lazy about making a decision or taking action on something, it is usually more a matter of waiting to see if it necessary or not. When we see people we know making rash decisions, we tend to not rush into making the same mistakes. Procrastination is not a bad thing. Sometimes, it is simply a matter of necessity. And we inherited it from our ancestors.

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