Thursday, April 24, 2014

Viewpoints Industry and How to Get the Best Deal

Spring is the season for sales. But sometimes a better deal can be found online. Viewpoints Industry TV shares how to find the best deal.

Before getting in the car and heading to the mall, go online to see if the items you want can be bought for less on the Internet. Check email to see if there are any discount codes for favorite stores in the Inbox. Check out the store’s website for any discount codes on certain items or for savings on the total. Check out sale apps and only use the ones needed.

When in the store, ask lots of questions when with a sales person. Does the store offer price matching? Is the sale exclusive to shopping in the store or does it also apply online? Does the store offer free shipping with the purchase? What is the return policy? Viewpoints Industry encourages shoppers to get all the facts before buying something. No one wants to stuck with a higher credit card bill or an empty wallet.

Set the shopping budget in stone and do not budge no matter how heavy the sales people are pushing something. I was once followed around the store by a very pushy clerk who wanted me to sign up for their credit card right there on the spot. It apparently would have saved me an extra 20% on purchases that day. But when I got home, (without signing up), the same deal was online. Know what you want when walking in the store and do not be swayed by heavy-handed attempts to sell you something you don’t want or need.

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