Thursday, April 17, 2014

Time-Saving Travel Tips from Viewpoints Industry TV

image: Regus office space

Time cost money when the business traveler is on the go. Viewpoints Industry TV wants to make the next business trip faster, easier and better.

Be loyal to your loyalty clubs for airlines, hotels and rental cars. Loyal customers get better perks like seat and room upgrades and rental cars are usually ready for you at arrival.

Invest in the TSA PreCheck and Global Access. These two services which cost a small one time only fee speed travelers through security check points. Nothing is more frustrating to a harried business traveler than waiting in a long line to get through security.

Never, ever check luggage. Carry on your one bag for the trip and pack it like a pro. Most business trips last a few days to a week and everything needed fits in it.

Viewpoints Industry suggests beefing up data plans to be sure all devices have the speed to help the business traveler get work done.

Pack chargers, cords and extra batteries in baggies. It keeps them from getting tangled and they are easily accessible in the under the seat bag.

Consider shared office spaces like offices Regus offers. Business travelers will find everything they need there with live people if assistance is needed. It also provides meeting rooms. Good luck.

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