Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Viewpoints Industry TV on the Best Cities for Single Retirees

Tired of seeing all the ads of happily married retirees on the TV? We are, so we sought out the best cities for single retired people – and realized most of them are in our general area.

The highest number of unmarried retirees are in the Miami and New Orleans areas, where half of the residents are single, age 60 and up. Viewpoints Industry TV also learns that New Orleans has a somewhat large percentage of widows and widowers, while Miami has more who have never been married. Both of these cities offer an abundance of activities from the arts to professional sports. Both have excellent public transportation systems and great healthcare.  In cities like Albany and Cleveland, there are more single retired women than men.

2. New Orleans 
3. Jackson, Miss. 
4. Memphis, Tenn. 
5. New York 
6. Cleveland
7. Albany, N.Y. 
8. Las Vegas 
9. Buffalo, N.Y. 
10. Los Angeles

Viewpoints Industry learns that many of these cities provide opportunities to continue education. The key to having a great retirement is to keep busy, be healthy and maintain social relationships. All of the above cities give its older residents the ability to do all of that. This is why they all made the top ten. 

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