Monday, April 21, 2014

How Make Your Paycheck Last Longer from Viewpoints Industry

Does it seem like your paycheck does not last as long it used to? Does it seem like it’s getting smaller? Viewpoints Industry finds some ways to paychecks stretch and last longer during tough financial times.

Never pay full price for anything if you can help it. Use store sale circulars, clip coupons or use a smart phone code, stock up on sale items, and take advantage of every special you can. Don’t forget that sometimes the store brand is just as good as the name brand item.

Join store loyalty program to save money on food, gas, drug store items and travel. If giving your personal email address to such a program gives you the willies, register a new email address using another service.

Check out blog sites which compare coupon deals and post the best ones online. Three good sites are:,, and

ViewpointsIndustry TV suggests signing up for email alerts with your favorite retailers. At least once a week, they will send out discount codes for certain items and sometimes offer free shipping and free returns.

Buy and use reusable products like water bottles, soft lunch boxes and blue ice which keep food cold. These are perfect for taking lunch to work and for always being sure you have plenty of water on your desk. This will help save a lot of money on fast food and the gas used to get to and from a restaurant.

Please let us know how your make your paycheck last longer. Every little bit not spent is more to save or more to put toward something special. 

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