Thursday, January 23, 2014

Viewpoints Industry TV on the Dangers of Texting While Walking

Not only have we seen people who text and walk put themselves into danger, but a new study now shows that these multi-taskers are adopting a new and unhealthy gait.

Viewpoints Industry TV learns that people who walk and text at the same time tend to walk like a robot –stiff with necks tilted at an odd angle, they move more slowly, and swerve more which can cause them to become hurt if they run into an obstacle. Researchers put 26 experienced texters in a room and recorded their gait as they walked and texted. They learned that the texters walked off of a somewhat straight line. If done outside the study area, they would likely walk in to traffic, not see a curb and trip down it, or face other hazardous obstacles and possibly cause a sprained or broken ankle, or worse.

While many people believe that the text they receive and want to respond to are urgent, many notes, in fact, are not urgent at all. There is nothing more “urgent” than being aware of your surroundings such as traffic and traffic lights. Failure to notice a vehicle coming due to looking down at a smart phone can result in serous injury or death. Look up America. The traffic light changed. There is a pothole in the sidewalk which you are about to trip over. Your gait, your limbs and your life are far more urgent than the note from your friend about what time to meet tonight.

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