Friday, January 24, 2014

Viewpoints Industry TV and How to Have More Time to Get Things Done

Even with a to-do list, sometimes we cannot get everything done. The best planners still run into situations which wreak havoc in the best laid plans. So we decided to present some suggestions on how to get things done and have more time.

Just say no. Friends and family will press us to do things that are not a part of our daily plan. The phone rings and we are on it for a little too long. Remember that it’s okay to say no. Let calls go to voicemail. Reply to a text later. Say no if there is no time to meet someone.

Make a list of things to get done while having breakfast. Be realistic in what can be accomplished. Check tasks completed off the list. Keep a clipboard or something else to hold receipts, forms and other papers with you. It doesn’t have to be large. But it should be convenient.

Stay focused. Keep attention on the first and most important task on a to-do list. Complete that one and then move to the second most important. Move less important tasks to the end of the list. If they do not get done, it’s not such a big deal.

Viewpoints Industry TV understands that time is more valuable than money. And we always seem to fall short of having enough of it.  Write down what’s most important to do today – whether it is visiting a friend or getting the laundry done. Complete the most important task on the list and the others will fall in behind it. This is a sure fire way to have more time to get things done.

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